lastname Luitjens
lastname Luitjens

The name LUITJENS is a friesian lastname, which developed due to the patronymic naming from the first name of the father Luitjen. In the Netherlands there is a form like Luitjensz and Luijensdr, whereby z stands briefly briefly for zoon (son) and dr for dochter (daughter).
By the patronymic naming we find the surname in the process of history LUITJENS in each case in a generation in West and East Frisia, if the father Luitjen was called. Consequently the surname disappears then again, except the son to Luitjen with first names is e.g. called. Thus there is also numerous Luitjen Luitjens.

Regarding the meaning of the first name Luitjen some is to be still clarified. As Diphthong stands ui in Friesian for exactly the same as uy. For this reason a common word trunk with the English word ”little” is obvious (Professor A. Berteloot, Uni Münster). In Netherlands sources however a derivative seen of people...

The first name Luitjen originates from Friesland. According to the data of the Meertens institute it originates from the basic form Lude.

The male first name Lude is a shorten form from German. Name with liud (liud “people” (zie lude-). See Stark 97: Liuzo = Liutprant; see also Loetse, Lokke, Lûchje.)

There are different ways of writing and used names: Luytjens, Lutzens, Lutyens, Lutjens, Lutjen, Luitjen